Tensile Roofing

Our energy-saving insulating translucent membrane roofing systems made with aerogel deliver light and bright daylit building interiors and endless possibilities for modern tensile architectural structures.

Tensile Roofing

TENSOTHERM™, containing LUMIRA® aerogel, allows for dramatically increased thermal efficiency without adding significant weight or creating a barrier to natural light. In fact, aerogel helps to best utilize natural daylight by acting to diffuse light into interior spaces in all directions, creating even and soft illumination. TENSOTHERM offers:

  • Creative design freedom with fluid forms using minimal structure
  • High thermal performance to reduce demand on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Cost effective solutions for long spans

A Global Leader in Innovation

The Dedmon Athletic Center is the world's first tensile structure roof insulated with LUMIRA® aerogel.

Tensile Architecture Solutions

Birdair is the leading specialty contractor for custom tensile membrane structures including TENSOTHERM insulating translucent membrane roofing system made with LUMIRA® aerogel.