Subsea Pipelines

For operators developing subsea oil and gas fields, seamless and efficient transport of unprocessed hydrocarbons through long distances along the cold ocean floor is a necessity.

Without sufficient subsea pipeline thermal insulation, the hydrocarbons can cool, creating hydrates and wax build-up. Eventually, this can result in clogged flowlines, a potentially significant expense for operators. 

Our Compression Pack insulation system, enabled by our aerogel particles, allows operators to effectively meet these transport challenges by delivering a superior solution that features:

  • Ultra low thermal conductivity allowing for thin insulation and reduced outer pipe diameters
  • Robust thermal performance over the lifetime of the operating system
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Thin profile with tight diameter tolerance

The Compression Pack insulation system is custom designed in order to "dial-in" a required precise U-value for the flowline which varies by project and location. Made from compressed aerogel and carbon black packs and robust outer cladding, the Compression Pack system delivers superior performance and dustless, easy on-site installation on inner pipes of rigid pipe-in-pipe systems.