Tires for Passenger Cars, Trucks, Buses & Off-The-Road Vehicles

We deliver high-performance solutions that can increase tread durability, reduce rolling resistance and improve traction.


Educated consumers, cost-conscious commercial vehicle operators and new government regulations are moving tire manufacturers to produce diverse and high performance product offerings. We have been supplying reinforcing carbons to the tire industry for almost 100 years and we continue to deliver new solutions to help tire manufacturers meet current and future market demands such as our innovative engineered elastomer composites.

Our innovative products are designed for use in every common tire application – from passenger car tires, to truck/bus/radial tires, to off-the-road (OTR) tires. Our broad portfolio of elastomer reinforcing products provides solutions for the major challenges facing tire compounders, such as improving fuel economy, extending tire life and boosting driving performance.



Worldwide Support for our customers

Reinforcement Materials Locations

Advancing Performance

We leverage our global manufacturing footprint to produce a broad portfolio of products for tire customers around the world. Our dedicated technical service team provides expertise and support, while our global supply chain network minimizes business continuity risk. Most importantly, when you partner with us, you gain insights into the market from a supplier having a global view of tire industry dynamics. 

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