High Color Specialty Carbons

Uniquely designed, high-jetness carbon blacks enable excellent color performance and dispersibility.

We offer a complete line of high color specialty carbons for both water-based and solvent-based formulations for coatings applications such as:

  • Automotive basecoats
  • Automotive refinishing
  • Decorative coatings
  • Electronic coatings
  • Wood coatings
  • Furniture coatings

Our EMPEROR® carbon black products balance color performance with dispersibility and formulation stability. 

  • EMPEROR 2000 and EMPEROR 1800 specialty carbon blacks are designed for water-based automotive basecoats and deep black masstone applications. EMPEROR 2000 carbon black is our highest color offering for water-based formulations, while EMPEROR 1800 carbon black combines very high jetness with transformational ease-of-use properties. Both products utilize our proprietary surface treatment technology that breaks the tradeoff between color performance and dispersibility.
  • EMPEROR 1600 premium carbon black pigments feature exceptional color performance and processability for solvent-based applications, and deliver deep black color with a blue undertone.

EMPEROR 1800® Carbon Black for Water Based Formulations

Achieve deep black color with easy-to-disperse pigments.


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